Whole lotta writing (and moving) going on

Yes, okay, it’s been a while since the last post.

Given the choice between the wonderful energy of being in the middle of a story that’s flowing well (even when it hits speed bumps), and detaching from it enough to think of something to say about writing per se, well, it’s not really much of a choice at all. That would be the same thing that’s keeping my sales rather minimal, since I’d much rather indulge in further writing than do self-promo and marketing.

However, thanks to all that writing, I intend to have three novels released this year. The first one is Renegade, which has a description above, and the second, I hope, will be Lamia, ditto, since I finally fixed the issues that were frustrating me (yay!).  The third, if all goes well, will be an other-world fantasy called Shaman, for which I really need to write up a description. On top of that, the serial Moonblood is still going strong – I’m not expecting even a break from it until at least July.

As it turns out, there are advantages to depressive episodes that make you disinclined to spend any time around people, or doing very much except writing. There is that old saying about everything having a silver lining, right? When you aren’t even tempted to waste time on silly things like a social life or housework (major exception: my three feline overlords are always looked after, no matter what) you get a lot of writing done. 🙂

The other project on the go is relocating this blog and Moonblood off wordpress.com. Why? Because. Because, in a nutshell, the recent “improvements” are only improvements if you’re using a mobile device. If you’re on an actual computer, they’re annoying at best, and dysfunctional otherwise. Trying to post about a thousand words per post on this blog, and somewhere between 1500 and 2500 on Moonblood, is awkward on the new posting interface – and that says nothing of my opinion of the new stats pages, or the new theme search, or whatever else has changed that I haven’t yet noticed. I’ve been through similar too often in the past few years, and I’m no longer willing to put loyalty over functionality. The fact that so many people don’t like the changes here, for good practical reasons, and yet WP has determined in all their “wisdom” that it’s the best direction to go in (best for whom?) tells me that it’s time to go. Therefore, this blog and Moonblood are now self-hosted on my own official writing site. I’m still using WP software (and Jetpack), in the optimistic hopes that 1) it will make it more comfortable for readers who choose to follow and 2) if the self-hosted version follows the changes, there are a great many clever devs out there and someone will find a solution. If worst comes to worst, maybe by then there will be more options available.

So, this is the last post on this blog, although the archive is going to remain as-is, without updates to the pages or sidebar. The new one is live and I invite you to check it out and subscribe to notifications by email. The main difference, I think, will be that posts will no longer appear in the WP Reader. Which, I confess, I don’t mind at all, since hits/views through the Reader don’t turn up in the stats for some stupid reason, which makes it impossible to see who’s actually reading anything. Oh, and there will be no ads at all. On the other hand, I’ve found some readers via WP, and I’m rather disappointed that I’m probably going to lose current readers and potential future ones… all because WP decided to do “upgrades” that aren’t. (Techy dev peeps with WordPress and Flickr and Facebook and icanhascheezburger and on and on and on, say it with me, please: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and by all that’s good and right, quit “improving” things!)

My main writing site, slightly revamped to match the two new additions: http://prysmcat.com

This blog’s new home: http://prysmcat.com/blog

The serial fantasy Moonblood’s new home: http://prysmcat.com/moonblood

Hope to see you there!

About Steph Shangraw

More often known as prysma-kitty, prysmcat, or variations thereof, than by my "real" name of Steph Shangraw. I'm a crazy cat lady, indie fantasy writer, and admin of Cheezland.org, in no particular order. When not writing, I'm generally maintaining a lolanimals website for my friends, serving my feline overlords Cory-Bear and Freya, and occasionally eating and sleeping. Anything writing-related, can be found via my author site. Since I tend not to say something simply for the sake of saying something, my blog about writing and my cats-and-life one are updated only irregularly.

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