Born in the mid-70s, started writing in the late 80s and never stopped. I have cats, which I believe is mandatory for fantasy writers, in my case rescued ones who have a blog elsewhere updated very sporadically. I’m pagan and pansexual, which are reflected in my writing not so much in gratuitous sex or religion-bashing as in the fundamental approach to people as individuals. Most importantly as far as this blog, however, I write: as many hours of the day as I can, frequently with other things left undone so I can see what these characters or those ones will do next, and when I’m not writing, I’m reading, either for research that I can use for writing directly or as inspiration. Sheer volume of practice, I think, has contributed immensely to my skills! I do have a combination of depression and anxiety which complicates life and has led to my being unable to work; the one benefit to this is that, when my mood allows it, I can spend time and energy on writing, which luckily isn’t a very expensive hobby. I avoid writer’s groups and writing forums, having had too many experiences with those who prefer to bolster their own egos by assaulting those of others; writing can be hard on the self-esteem, I know, but I prefer to protect my own ego from that and find better uses for my time. Like more writing!

I write urban fantasy, primarily, although I have been experimenting for a long time with other-world fantasy and some of it is finally good enough for me to be willing to share it. You can find descriptions of my various projects via the menu bar, but for info in how to get the released ones, drop by prysmcat.com. Some of my older work is available at my old writing site.

Outside of writing, I make cat toys and volunteer with a local TNVR group.


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