Real life obstacles

Sorry to the handful of folks who are actually reading this – a lot is happening all at once, not so much catastrophic so far as a growing list of intense frustrations and distractions that for the most part I can’t do anything about, and I have nothing to offer just now that would be worth you taking the time to read it. I’ll be back to posting ASAP – back on schedule for next Monday with only the single missed post, I hope. If not, um… I’ll apologize more?

Meanwhile, the final edit on YinYang is briefly on hold as well. But there IS a new Moonblood episode available, and I’m messing about with my playground world Gaia since it’s relatively easy under most conditions.


About Steph Shangraw

More often known as prysma-kitty, prysmcat, or variations thereof, than by my "real" name of Steph Shangraw. I'm a crazy cat lady, indie fantasy writer, and admin of, in no particular order. When not writing, I'm generally maintaining a lolanimals website for my friends, serving my three feline overlords Trick-or-Treat and Cory-Bear and Freya, making cat toys for friends all over the world or for Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative (TNVR and then some) as fundraising, and occasionally eating and sleeping. Anything writing-related, including my blog about the process and my serial fantasy Moonblood, can be found via my author site, apart from my old collection of shorts. Since I tend not to say something simply for the sake of saying something, that blog and my cats-and-life one are updated irregularly. A series of major household disruptions beginning in mid-2015 has caused some serious delays in everything, including novel releases and writing, but I'm hoping to resume all around as soon as possible.

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  1. Thank you for the update, we appreciate it! 🙂 Good luck and may the creative be with you! 😉


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